Wealthcare's GDX360®pioneered the experience-based, goals-driven model for today's inspired investor.

The easy-to-use model synchronizes financial planning and investing strategies and advice to help investors stay on track with their goals.

Centered on the investor, it delivers three elements of a positive financial experience: clarity, confidence and control.



Client Discovery Conversation

Foster a deeper conversation and offer insight into life goals and priorities.

  • Explore and clarify values, passions, ambitions, and dreams to create definable life goals
  • Deeper, more meaningful advisor-client relationship


Life Goal Ranges

Determine the parameters of what's ideal and what's acceptable

  • For each goal...what you really want vs. what you'll accept
  • “I want to retire at 65, but will accept working until 70.”


Goals-Risk Exchange

Uncover which goals the client values most

  • Prioritize goals by finding the tradeoff between goals and risk
  • “I’m willing to work until 70, if doing so lets me take less risk."


Investment Strategy Modeling

Seamlessly integrate investments with life goals and dreams

  • Match goals with investment needs and  personal preferences
  • Investment choice framework offers 36 programs and 360 portfolios across active/passive strategies


Plan Blueprints

Create a dynamic financial plan that aligns goals with investments

  • Use the GDX Planning process technology to create personalized plans that adapt to life/market changes
  • Advanced planning modules (estate, insurance, etc.) included as needed
Client Comfort Zone®

Sweet spot showing where life goals and investing are working in synchronized harmony

  • Illustrates magic of Monte Carlo simulations in finding plans with high probabilities of success
  • Show where unncecessary sacrifices are being made, or if plans are too uncertain


Investment Policy

Personalized compliance oversight that governs/guides client investment decisions

  • Investment Policy Statements (IPS) capture intent of portfolio decisions
  • A dynamic document that evolves as needs, preferences, circumstances, or goals change


Tax Optimization (Asset Location)

Place assets in most tax efficient accounts across household

  • Put higher-yielding assets (bonds) in tax-deferred accounts
  • Put assets with greater long-term return potential (stocks) in taxable accounts


Household-Based Rebalancing

Looks across entire client household, not just individual accounts, for most cost-effective trading

  • Fewer trades needed to rebalance at household level; lower costs
  • Greater flexibility in minimizing tax impact when rebalancing


Tax-Sensitive Withdrawals & Loss Harvesting

Uses advanced tax and household-based strategies designed to improve after-tax return

  • Identify tax efficient withdrawal strategy aimed at minimizing tax impact
  • Identifies assets to sell at loss while maintaining client's risk-return profile


Investment Oversight

Disciplined manager selection and risk management process
  • Regular market research and program/portfolio review and commentary
  • Ongoing due diligence to monitor manager performance and identify detrimental factors


Comfort Zone® Monitoring

Ongoing, regular reviews of client's personalized Comfort Zone®

  • Keep track of progress and make adjustments to get clients back into their Comfort Zone
  • Look ahead, at likelihood of exceeding goals, not back, at investment performance 


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